+ What volunteer positions are available?

A list of the most common volunteer positions is available in the Volunteer Opportunities Overview.

+ How can I start the process of becoming a volunteer?

The first step to becoming a volunteer at Optimist is to submit the “Volunteer Application” by clicking the button below.

+ What is the time commitment required to volunteer?

Time commitments vary according to the volunteer position. A team member will discuss the specifics with you after we receive your application.

+ What kind of experience do you need to volunteer?

Experience working with at-risk and foster youth is preferable, but we provide materials and on-site training regardless of the applicant’s experience level.

+ I just submitted the Volunteer Application on your website. What happens next?

You’re on your way to becoming a volunteer at Optimist! Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted by our team member to discuss next steps.

+ Where can I volunteer?

We have 6 residential facilities where you can volunteer with residents aged 12-21.
•Carson (boys) •Eagle Rock (girls ) •Main Campus – Highland Park (boys)
•Mission Hills (boys) •Pacific Lodge – Woodland Hills (girls) •Van Nuys (girls)
Once you’ve submitted the volunteer application, we'll contact you to discuss the volunteer opportunities in each location and determine a match.

+ Is there an age restriction to volunteer?

The minimum age is 21 to volunteer directly with our residents. Volunteers under 21 can participate in special projects. Contact us at volunteer@oyhfs.org to learn more about different opportunities.

+ What type of screenings do you perform before I get started?

• Background check
• TB test
• Drug test

+ How much does background screening cost?

We provide all the screenings free of charge.

+ Do you have internship opportunities?

We currently have opportunities for MFT students in our Palmdale office.

+ I would like to get more involved! Where can I learn about other ways to support the youth at Optimist?

Basic information about Optimist programs can be found on our website. If you have additional questions and would like to discuss other opportunities to support our youth, please contact our Chief Advancement and Communications Officer Annie Nuttall, anuttall@oyhfs.org.