“I got in considerable trouble and was “allowed” to go to the Lodge. My first day there I was spit on and got into a fight. Not an optimistic start to say the least. Within the year I was there the person who spit on me became my friend and I learned to function in a family and team environment. While living in Clark Cottage, I got to meet and learn from Bud, who was a kind and direct individual that took the time to know me and help me pull myself out of the hole I was digging for myself.” 
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Michaela Pereira Optimist Advisory Board Member
Robert Jakini is a former resident who was admitted to our Pacific Lodge campus in 1980. Robert was a troubled child with substance abuse issues and a very damaged home life. His mom was an alcoholic and his father died and left behind an uncertain future regarding where he and his brothers would live. Here is what Robert says about his stay at Pacific Lodge: