We offer a wide variety of giving opportunities at various levels. Your donation will impact the lives of the Optimist Kids and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

- Five books for foster children
- Headphones
- CD player
- Two alarm clocks
- One set of 4 ping pong paddles
- Basketball hoop set for pool
- Portable scoreboard for gym activities
- Four footballs, soccer balls or basketballs for Optimist sports teams
- One suit or dress for formal gatherings (ie. high school graduation,
   annual gala, probation banquet)
- Five board games for foster children
- Four $25 gift cards for Target
- Fast food gift certificates for 1 dorm (as an incentive for good behavior)
-One set of 4 pool cues made of Canadian hard rock maple
- Volleyball set for pool
- Six field trip outings for 15 students (ie. museum, sporting event, etc)
- Sponsor 60 residents for Christmas Eve dinner at a restaurant
- Provide holiday gifts for 45 residents
- Summer camp for 3 foster children
- Provide a scholarship for two semesters of college or trade school
- Art supplies for Art Therapy program for one year
We make it easy to give to OPTIMIST...see below!
- One year of art supplies for 1 student
- One iPod
- Fifteen books for foster children
- Movie passes for 1 dorm (as an incentive for good behavior)
- Ten boogie boards for beach outings
- Ping Pong table for recreation room
- Sponsor 12 students and chaperones for one Student of the Month Luncheons   
   (sponsor can participate in lunch)
- Provide extracurricular activities for a foster child for six months (lessons in   
   music, dance, art, singing, acting, etc)
- One field trip outing for 15 students (ie. museum, sporting event, etc)
- One Chromebook for high school graduates
- Small Tile in lobby of Youth Learning Center building (can be inscribed)
- 36 inch television for residents to play video games

- One laptop computer for a current student or graduate
- Thirty extra-large duffle bags for residents (to use on home passes)
- Summer camp for a foster child
- Textbooks for 1 student for a year
- Refurbish pool tables in recreation room on main campus
- Large Tile in lobby of Youth Learning Center building (can be inscribed)
- Holiday gifts for children of clients
- Thanksgiving food baskets (or gift certificates) for community students' families      
   ($50 per basket for 10 families)

- Uniforms for softball or soccer team (youth get to keep jerseys at end of season)
- Transportation assistance for one year for a family to visit their child who is living here
- Art supplies for 6 students for one year
- Basic essentials for youth transitioning to living independently (kitchen supplies,      
   bathroom accessories, bedding, furniture, interview-appropriate clothing, bus passes                
   or bicycles, etc)
- Child safety items for Foster Family Agency (car seats, booster seats, cribs, high    
   chairs, etc)
- Sponsorship of Optimist High School graduations (3 per year for up to 25 graduates  
   total with families and other residents in attendance)
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We appreciate the generosity of donors like you! Below is a list of our most popular wish list items. Once again, thank you for all your support.
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- Musical instruments for Music Therapy program for one year
- Sponsorship of Foster Family Agency holiday party