Are you an enthusiastic and skilled volunteer who is passionate about sharing your skill and talent with youth?

If so, you can volunteer to facilitate a workshop. 
Workshop facilitators will be assigned to a Group
Home or our Main Campus to facilitate a workshop
which consists of a one hour instruction/hands
on activity every other week, or once a month. 
Some workshop ideas include art, fashion,
scrapbooking, sports, health, and gardening.

You can also coordinate a fundraising drive on our
behalf (for books, clothes, backpacks, etc.)  as
we are always in need of donated goods.

We also encourage retirees and seniors to share
their talents, experiences, skills, and hobbies with
our youth, as well. 

To learn more about other volunteer opportunities, please contact:
Volunteer Department
Volunteer/Mentor Coordinator & Family Finding Specialist
Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services
6957 N. Figueroa Street, PO Box, 41-1076 Los Angeles, CA 90041
Email:  volunteer@oyhfs.org
Website: www.oyhfs.org
FUN, FUN, FUN, that’s what my cartoon voice over workshop is all about…Call today and
set up a workshop for
our Optimist Youth

Eileen Galindo,
         The Voice of Dora
         The Explorer’s Mother

“Thanks to Glamour Gowns for donating beautiful dresses to our Optimist Residents to wear on their graduation day”  -Michaela Pereira, CNN Anchor 
Residents loved my SpongeBob storyboard workshop…can’t wait to do it all over again.
Luke Brookshier, SpongeBob Creative Director

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6957 N. Figueroa St. Box 41-1076 Los Angeles, CA 90041-1076
Telephone: (323) 443-3175

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We appreciate your dedication to the families and youth we serve. We view our volunteers as a valuable and essential part of our programs. However, given the recent local development of COVID-19, Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services has temporarily suspended all volunteer and mentor sessions with our clients.

This interruption is only temporary and please, accept our hearty appreciation! Once our volunteer program resumes, our clients and staff will eagerly welcome you back to your assignments. We appreciate the support and understanding and we wish everyone and their families good health.

If you are new to our organization and would like information on future volunteer opportunities, please feel free to email us at volunteer@oyhfs.org.