Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services
began its
residential program more than
one hundred years
ago on the same site
where our main campus resides today
and continues to be the core
of the agency. All of our residential
programs are licensed as STRTP’s
(Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs) by the State
of California.

Our main campus houses up to 85 boys who reside in one of four dorms or 3 independent living units.  Our Pacific Lodge campus, located in Woodland Hills, houses up to 51 girls. Most are referrals by the County Departments of Probation. We accept referrals from Los Angeles County as well as several other counties throughout the State of California.

Trained therapists assigned to each boy formulate individualized treatment plans.  These therapists, along with youth care counselors, nurses, educators, psychiatrists, recreation staff and chemical dependency counselors, make up the core of our agency’s treatment team.

Youth Care Counselors provide basic nurturing, structure and consistency of routine for the boys.  Clients eat in a central dining hall and are accompanied by staff at all times.

A host of recreation staff provide a variety of activities for our youth in order to teach age appropriate use of leisure time, to help them achieve pro-social success experiences, an understanding of teamwork, and to develop leadership qualities.

Nursing staff attend to basic medical and dental needs through direct service and/or
referrals to outside medical personnel.

Psychiatrists assess the mental health of each boy, act as consultants to the therapists, and prescribe and/or monitor the use of psychotropic medication when indicated.

Residentially Based Services are also provided in a number of our community based group homes whose programs are described elsewhere on this website.

For more information, please contact:

Tonia Tse, LCSW 
Clinical Director-STRTP

Optimist Youth Homes
& Family Services

6957 N. Figueroa St. Box 41-1076 Los Angeles, CA 90041-1076
Telephone: (323) 443-3175

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