Where Are They Now?
Bishop Craig Worsham, Optimist Alumni

                                                           Bishop Craig Worsham is the Sr. Pastor of the Peopleís                    
                                                           Independent Church of Christ in Los Angeles, CA.

                                                           Before becoming a pastor, Bishop Worsham was a                     
                                                           resident at Optimist Youth Homes.  He was a repetitive                
                                                           truant and his mom had come to her wits end with          
                                                           trying to maintain order. Church member Judge  
                                                           Roosevelt Dorn from Inglewood Juvenile Courts 
                                                           intervened and referred him to Judge Charles Scarlet          
                                                           who ordered 6-12 months of residential placement.  He     
                                                          came to Optimist in 1996 and remained here for a year. 
During his time at Optimist, Bishop Worsham learned many lessons and knew he wanted to
follow a righteous path.  He left Optimist in 1997 but continued attending Eagle Rock High
School via the Optimist High program and graduated in 1998.
After graduating high school, Bishop Worsham went to Prairie View A&M and studied Political
Science and English. Upon completion, he became the Youth Pastor at his home church,
First AME Church Los Angeles, and worked in Optimistís Development Department.

Bishop Worsham was elected to the Bishopric by the Dominion Assembly of Charismatic
Churches College of Bishops and consecrated to the Episcopacy in July 2011 by Bishop Larry
D. Trotter.

A respected spiritual leader, philanthropist, and humanitarian, he is dedicated to creating and
providing programs, resources, and services to help the less fortunate. He is resolutely
committed to making the Word of God become flesh through unconditional outreach, and
strives daily to lead a loving congregation with integrity and excellence.

Currently he serves as Chairman of The Board of Directors for the Dominion Alliance of
Pentecostal Churches headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and provides oversight and
supervision to some 50 plus churches in the US.

Bishop Worsham has vast experience in urban ministry which has afforded him ministry
opportunities throughout the United States and abroad. As an international evangelist, he
has spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the United States and has annually led
hundreds of students abroad for mission work in Jamaica and Mexico. His political and
theological evolution over the years has focused his ministry on addressing miscellaneous
forms of oppression within communities positioned on the margins of society, the spiritual
and social impact it has on the lives of hurting people and the psychological and spiritual
liberation needed to move people into their destiny.

He is the father of 1 daughter, Kennedi who is 10.

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